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Belle Star Stone Co., Ltd

China 5th
Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Natural Stone, Man Made Stone
  • Main Products:
    Stone Paving Slate Quartzite,Roof Slate Tiles Slate Roofing,Culture Stone Veneer Ledgestone,Travertine Tiles Blue Limestone,Australia Sea Shell Mosaic,G654 Granite Tile Guangxi Marble,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    Jul 01, 2010
  • NO. of Employees:
    51 ~ 200
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ 5 ~ 10 Million
  • Authentication:
    ISO 9001:2000,Others
  • Verification Type:
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Teresa Fan
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Recommended Products
  • Purple Fluorite/Lilac Luxury Stone Handcraft Clock
  • Green Jade/Malachite Precious Stone Handcrafts
  • Malachite/Green Jade Precious Stone Jewelry Boxes
  • Malachite/Green Jade Precious Stone Craft Gifts
  • Green Jade/Malachite Precious Stone Handcrafts
  • Malachite/Green Jade Precious Stone Jewelry Boxs
  • Malachite/Green Jade Gemstone Clock & Calendar Box
  • Malachite/Green Jade Precious Stone Decor Crafts
  • Oyster Split Face Slate Stacked Stone,Golden Honey Quartzite Ledgestone,Desert Gold Quartzite Thin Stone Veneer,Silver Sunset Stone Cladding,Porches Ledger Panels,Fireplace Stone Panel
  • Black Slate Roof Tiles,Charcoal Grey Split Face Stone Roof Tiles,Roof Slates,Astm & Ce Qualified Slate Shingles,Slate Roofing Materials,Roof Shingles
  • Sunset Split Face Slate Stone Panels,Multicolor Slate Stone Wall Panels,Autumn Rose Stone Veneer,Fireplace Rusty Stacked Stone,Multicolour Slate Culture Stone,Indoor Stone Facade,Z Clad Stone Cladding
  • Snow White Quartzite Stone Cladding,Natural Culture Stone,Indoor Stacked Stone,Super White Thin Stone Veneer,Snow White Ledgestone,Lobbies Stone Wall Panel
  • Rusty Split Face Slate Stacked Stone,Multicolor Slate Ledger Panels,Autumn Rose Stone Panel,Copper Rust Slate Thin Stone Veneer,Sunset Slate Z Clad Culture Stone,Multicolour Slate Wall
  • Oyster Slate Z Stone Cladding,Gold White Stacked Stone,Outdoor Yellow Stone Ledger Panels,Landscaping Wall Stone Veneer,Fireplace Ledgestone Panels
  • Black Quartzite Culture Stone,Black Z Clad Stone Cladding,Natural Ledger Panels,Porches Stacked Stone,Interior Black Thin Stone Veneer,Outdoor Quartzite Wall Panel
  • Blue Quartzite Loose Ledge Stone,Quartzite Field Stone,Random Wall Cladding,Landscaping Stone Cladding,L Corner Stone,Outdoor Landscaping Stone,Quartzite Stone Siding,Natural Stone Cladding
  • Navy Quartzite Fieldstone,Quartzite Thin Ledgestone,Natural Loose Stone,Quartzite Field Stone Veneer,Quartzite Loose Ledgestone,L Corner Stone,Loose Stone Wall Cladding,Real Ledger Stones
  • Black Split Face Slate Ledgerstone Panels,Charcoal Grey Slate Thin Stone Veneer,Carbon Black Slate Stacked Stone,Cheap Price Natural Z Clad Stone Cladding,Outdoor Wall Panel
  • Malachite/Green Jade Precious Stone Vanity Top
  • Blue Agate Semi Precious Stone Kitchen Countertops
  • Sardonyx Backlit Semiprecious Kitchen Counter Tops
  • Tiger"S Eye Semiprecious Stone Bathtub Surrounds
  • White Crystal Backlit Gemstone Kitchen Counters
  • Yellow Agate Backlit Precious Stone Bar Countertop
  • Wood Fossil Precious Stone Commercial Wash Basins
  • Blue Agate Backlit Semi Precious Stone Bar Counter
  • Petrified Wood Precious Stone Bathroom Accessories
  • Guangxi white marble bathroom vanity tops,Chinese carrara white marble bathroom countertops,honed white marble vanity top
  • Black Riven Slate Tiles,Charcoal Grey Split Face Stone Pavers,Natural Patio Stones,Slate Paving Stone,Patio Pavers,Stone Flooring,Walkway Pavers,Slate Floor Tiles,Natural Stone Flooring
  • Snow White Quartzite Tiles,Natural Stone Pavers,Super White Wall Tiles,Quartzite Pool Coping Stone,White Quartzite Patio Stones,Quartzite Stone Cladding,Quartzite Slabs,Quartzite Floor Tiles
  • White Quartzite Pavers,Quartzite Pool Coping Stone,Patio Tiles,Paving Stone,White Quartzite Patio Pavers,Quartzite Floor Tiles,Natural Flooring Quartzite
  • Flamed Black Quartzite Paving Stone,Quartzite Stone Pavers,Natural Quartzite Floor Tiles,Outdoor Walkway Patio Stones,Courtyard Black Pavers,Driveway Patio Pavers,Plaza Black Quartzite Pavement
  • Chinese Multicolour Riven Slate Tiles,Copper Rust Split Face Slate Pavers,Multicolor Slate Patio Stones,Natural Paving Stone,Rusty Slate Wall Tiles,Slate Pavers,Multicolor Slate Floor,Walkway Pavers
  • Oyster Split Face Tiles,Golden Honey Quartzite Floor Tiles,Desert Gold Quartzite Tiles & Pavers,Silver Sunset Paving Stone,Patio Stones,Stone Pavers,Pool Floor Tiles,Pool Coping Stone,Walkway Pavers
  • Flamed Pink Quartzite Tiles & Slabs,Peach Quartzite Floor Tiles,Natural Quartzite Stone Flooring,Quartzite Patio Stones,Quartzite Pavers,Pink Quartzite Wall Tiles,Pink Paving Stone,Quartzite Pavers
  • Rustic Quartzite Stone Flooring Tiles,Wall Tiles
  • Honed Limestone Floor Tiles,Black Wall Tiles,Stone Pavers,Patio Stones
  • Guangxi White Marble,Marble Tile & Slab,Natural Marble Floor Tiles,Carrara White Marble,Marble Stone,Marble Wall Tile,Marble Flooring
  • Flamed Face Snow White Quartzite Pool Coping Stone,Super White Quartzite Pool Siding Stone,White Quartzite Floor Tiles,Natural Paving Stone,Outdoor White Patio Stone,Quartzite Pavers
  • Chinese Multicolour Riven Slate Meshed Flagstone,Rusty Split Face Slate Flagstone Patios,Sunset Slate Flagstone Pavers,Copper Rust Slate Flagstone Wall,Autumn Rose Flagstone Walkway Pavers
  • Black Marble Landscaping Rock Stone Boulders,Garden Yard Decor Stone
  • Yellow Slate Random Flagstone,Slate Crazy Stone,Slate Flagstone Wall,Yellow Irregular Flagstones,Slate Flagstone Walkway Pavers,Flagstone Courtyard
  • Rustic Quartzite Random Flagstone,Quartzite Crazy Stone,Rustic Quartzite Irregular Flagstones,Quartzite Driveway,Natural Quartzite Quartzite Courtyard,Quartzite Walkway Pavers,Rustic Quartzite Pavers
  • Natural Granite Landscaping Rock Stone,Garden Boulders,Stone Palisade
  • Grey Granite Garden Stone Boulders,Landscaping Decor Rock Boulders
  • Blue Quartzite Little Tumbled Random Flagstone,Quartzite Crazy Stone,Blue Flagstone Wall,Quartzite Irregular Flagstones,Quartzite Flagstone Walkway Pavers,Flagstone Wall,Quartzite Flagstone Courtyard
  • Pink Quartzite Random Flagstone,Quartzite Crazy Stone,Pink Flagstone Walkway Pavers,Pink Quartzite Irregular Flagstones,Quartzite Flagstone Wall,Natural Flagstone Courtyard,Landscaping Stone Pavers
  • Natural Curved Words Landscaping Stone Boulders,Rock Decor Stone
  • Blue Agate Backlit Precious Stone Reception Table
  • Purple Agate Backlit Semiprecious Stone Table Tops
  • Blue Agate Backlit Semi Precious Stone Table
  • Tiger"S Eye Precious Stone Hotel Reception Counter
  • Tiger"S Eye Semi Precious Stone Tea Table Tops
  • Amethyst/Purple Quartz Backlit Gemstone Table
  • Purple Fluorite Precious Stone Fireplace Surrounds
  • Malachite/Green Jade Precious Stone Round Tables
  • Green Jade/Malachite Gemstone Luxury Dinner Table
  • Petrified Wood Gemstone Indoor Fireplace Surrounds

Contact Details

  • Telephone: 0086-757-82662466
  • Fax No: 0086-757-82662466
  • Mobile: 86-18922721965
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